Top 25 Diversity Job Boards

Diversity of thought in management and work culture helps a company with innovation and creative decision-making. It is also increasingly an expectation of employees and consumers more broadly. For these reasons, among others, many businesses are turning to diversity job boards to expand their talent pool.

Below are 25 diversity job boards focused on recruiting specific demographics. We looked at their reach, pricing, and niche-specific recruiting features before adding them to our best picks. We also looked at diversity in terms of capabilities, situations, and skill. Although some cover multiple aspects of diversity, we’ve categorized them into groups based on their strongest focus.

Best Overall Diversity Job Boards homepage. is a good job board and website for finding minority candidates for both professional and entry-level jobs. It serves such industries as manufacturing, education, nonprofit, finance, healthcare, technology, and marketing. It promotes itself for the professional, from technicians to management, rather than for low-skill service jobs like retail. Pricing

  • 60-day job ads: $220 to $2,760, with discounts for nonprofit organizations
  • Job scraping: $3,000/year
  • Membership: $4,975/year, includes posts, scrapes, XML file transfers

Professional Diversity Network

Professional Diversity Network homepage.

Professional Diversity Network (PDN) is a popular job board and website for job seekers in underrepresented groups. It has over 350,000 new members monthly, produces millions of monthly emailed job alerts, hosts dozens of career events, and has conducted some 150,000 one-on-one career consultations a month. It provides direct access to many resources that target specific demographics:

  • iHispano
  • Pro Able
  • Military 2 Career
  • Out Professional Network
  • Automated customer phone system
  • Women’s Career Channel
  • Black Career Network
  • Asian Career Network

Professional Diversity Network Pricing

  • One job: $495/month ($200 ad enhancements included)
  • Three jobs: $694/month ($350 ad enhancements included)
  • Five jobs: $995/month ($450 ad enhancements included)
  • 15 Jobs: $1,995/month ($900 ad enhancements included) homepage. is a job board, news, and networking site for the Latino, female, Asian American, African American, and LGBT professionals, as well as military veterans. It not only posts on its own site but also to the following:

  • Pricing

  • Basic post: $200/ad for 60 days
  • Network posting: $295/ad for 60 days, including job spotlight, company logo, posting on all partner sites
  • 10 network postings: $1,800
  • 20 network postings: $2,900 homepage. is a comprehensive job board and recruiting tool focused on Blacks and African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans as well as women, veterans, people with disabilities, older workers, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. It offers job posting through its site and partner sites, a company profile, logo advertising, leaderboard and sidebar advertising, and marketing campaigns. It can also set up a job scrape of your website. Pricing

  • Single ad: $295/ad for 30 days
  • Other services: Call for quotes
    • Unlimited job posting
    • Compliance documentation
    • State job bank posting
    • Logo placement
    • Banner ads
    • Resume database
    • Job scraping of your website

Achieving a diverse workforce requires more than posting on the right job boards. You need a company culture that accepts diversity, job descriptions that are inclusive, and hiring processes that avoid hidden bias. Check out our article on diversity recruiting for more information. Also consider our articles on advertising for job and on how to find and hire the best employees.

Best Diversity Job Boards for Hiring Women

Fairygodboss: Best for Female Professionals

Fairygodboss homepage.

Fairygodboss is a career community for women of all professions. It boasts over 7 million job seekers in the areas of technology, sales, finance, marketing, manufacturing, and customer service. Rather than a simple job board, its employer program covers attracting, engaging, and converting the female job seeker into an employee. Over 150 major brands work with Fairygodboss, and they report an average increase in female applicants of over 50%. Call for a quote on services.

Fairygodboss includes cis women, trans women, and nonbinary individuals.

Fairygodboss Pricing

You need to contact Fairygodboss for a quote. Its program includes:

  • Employer profile
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Personalized job alerts to qualified candidates
  • Custom sponsored articles
  • Dedicated customer service team to provide onboarding support and monthly performance reports
  • Over 100 community partners to connect employers with candidates

Female Executive Search: Best for Women Executives

Female Executive Search homepage.

Run by CEO Worldwide, the candidates on Female Executive Search are vetted for experience and leadership qualities, so you are not only getting a diverse candidate but also a highly qualified one. Rather than posting a job ad, you can search the candidates or submit a search mandate and receive a list of qualified candidates.

Female Executive Search Pricing

Female Executive Search has fixed recruitment fees that are payable on placement. Call for a quote.

The Mom Project: Best for Women With Children

The Mom Project homepage.

If you’re a family-friendly business, The Mom Project could be the place to find your next great hire. Featured job seekers are open for all kinds of work, from remote to part time to full time, and in all fields. Rather than posting the typical job ad, it has you post title and description, then leads you through top qualifications and “flex factors” to narrow down candidates. A representative then calls to discuss your job ad.

The Mom Project Pricing

Rather than charging per ad, you are charged once you have hired your perfect candidate. Call for pricing.

Best Diversity Job Boards for Race/Ethnicity Best for Young, College-educated Black Candidates homepage. gets over 300,000 job seekers on its website every month. It says they are generally 22–45 and have bachelor’s degrees or higher. The split between women and men is roughly 45% male, 55% female. The candidates tend to have skills in IT, engineering, communications, management, administration, HR, nursing, and more. Pricing

  • Single Job: $249/ad for 60 days (includes posting on
  • 3-pack: $499 for 60 days (includes posting on
  • 10-pack: $999 for 60 days (includes posting on
  • 30-pack: $2,999 for 60 days (includes posting on
  • Unlimited for 12 months: $9,999
  • Executive search/talent placement: Call for quote

HBCU Connect: Best for Historically Black College/University Alumni

HBCU Connect homepage.

HBCU Connect is an online social network and website for alumni and students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) as well as all African Americans. It works with organizations to connect with its audience for career opportunities as well as advertising. In addition to posting on its site, it has nine other job sites for Black people, resume search, and video showcasing. You can also hire its reps for job fairs, email blasts, newsletter content listing, internship program promotion, and candidate sourcing.

HBCU Connect Pricing

Contact HBCU Connect for rates specific to the services you desire.

Black Tech Jobs: Best for Minorities in Technical Fields

Black Tech Jobs homepage.

Black Tech Jobs focuses on technical fields from IT to engineering, but also hosts job posts in other fields like accounting or marketing. In addition to reasonable rates for job ads, it has complete recruiting services and hosts events and job fairs.

Black Tech Jobs Pricing

  • Job postings: One 90-day posting: $249.99, five postings for $1,000, 10 posting for $1,800, 20 posting for $3,200
  • Internship posting: $100 for 180-day post
  • Recruiting services: Call for quote

Black Career Women’s Network: Best for Women of Color

Black Career Women’s Network homepage.

Black Career Women’s Network (BWCN) not only posts jobs, but also offers Black women coaching and mentoring to make them better candidates and employees. In addition to ads, it has events and partnership opportunities for businesses.

BCWN Pricing

  • Job posting: Free, expires in 45 days.
  • Job sponsorships: Email for quote
  • Business partnerships: Email for more information

HLPA: Best for Hispanic & Latin American Professionals

HLPA homepage. is the official job board of the Hispanic and Latino Professionals Association. It is a great place to find professional, highly skilled, and experienced talent from the Hispanic and Latino communities. HLPA offers several programs for employers, including virtual recruiting services, email advertising, employer profiles, and employer memberships. It hosts job fairs and has recruiting services as well. Contact HLPA for pricing on these programs.

HLPA Pricing

  • Job posting: $199+ for a 30-day ad
  • Annual membership: $3,995–$9,995, includes unlimited job posting, recruitment email marketing, access to the job fairs, and membership services

United Latino Job Bank: Best for Finding Latino & Hispanic College Graduates

United Latino Job Bank homepage.

The United Latino Job Bank is sponsored by the League of United Latin American Citizens as a free job board and resume search site that is open to businesses interested in hiring Latino and Hispanic workers. You need to register.

ULBJ Pricing

Everything is free. Please note that it will not accept profiles created by third-party intermediaries.

Hispanic Today: Best for Employers With an Affirmative Action Focus

Hispanic Today homepage.

Hispanic Today’s website has a job board and articles concerning the Hispanic-American community, and it highlights employers who foster affirmative action and equal opportunity. It’s part of a larger group of diversity websites, so you can also post on The Black Perspective, Veterans Enterprise, and Women in Business and Industry.

Hispanic Today Pricing

  • Listing: $275 per ad per site and includes a branding logo on the career search engine
  • Additional job ads: $195 per ad (two to four more); $155 per ad (five to 10); $99 per ad (11 to 50)
  • Job scraping: Call for quote

Best Diversity Job Board for LGBT

Pink Jobs

Pink Jobs homepage.

Pink Jobs is a simple job board serving LGBT job seekers and LGBT-friendly employers. When you create an account, you can post job listings and search resumes posted by job seekers. It allows for part-time as well as full-time positions. While basic in nature, it is highly focused, serves seven nations, and is free to use.

Pink Jobs Pricing

Job ads are free.

Best Diversity Job Boards for Former Military Members & Spouses Best for Veterans & Military Spouses homepage. boasts over 73,000 verified job placements and has served over 250,000 military service members, veterans, and spouses with employment outreach and assistance. Job seekers include not only those who have left or are planning on leaving military service but also National Guard members. Pricing is sponsored by American Jobs for America’s Heroes (AJAH). On average, this nonprofit organization gets over 400 new job seekers each week. By partnering with AJAH, you get unlimited free job postings and the help of the recruiter connect team to find eligible veteran candidates. Contact AJAH for a direct pricing quote. Best for Transitioning Military homepage.

People transitioning out of the military into the civilian workforce often have skills and training from their time in the service, not to mention discipline and a strong work ethic. connects you to these qualified individuals through job boards, ads in its magazine, and job fairs. Pricing

Rather than per-ad pricing, it provides a customized plan. Call for a quote.

Best Diversity Job Boards for Older & Retired Candidates

Workforce50: Best for Older Workers

Workforce50 homepage.

Older workers bring experience, a strong work ethic, and a different perspective, which can benefit a business. Workforce50 is a diversity job board and employment advice site for mid- to late-career and retired workers ages 40 and up. It does not post on other boards.

Workforce50 Pricing

Workforce50’s readership is looking for post-retirement jobs, professional networking, and help in making career changes. Job ads are $49 for a single ad or three for $125. Ads run 30 days.

RetiredBrains: Best for Temporary & Part-time workers

RetiredBrains homepage.

RetiredBrains is a website geared toward all aspects of retirement, but its job section takes the forefront. Rather than second careers, however, it focuses more on temporary and part-time work.

RetiredBrains Pricing

  • Single posting price unavailable
  • Three 30-day postings: $383.00
  • Unlimited 30 days postings for a period of six months: $2,495

Best Diversity Job Boards for Disabled Candidates

Recruit Best for Physically Disabled

Recruit homepage. connects millions of unemployed or underemployed disabled Americans with employers who see past their disability to the gifts that these professionals offer. It’s sponsored by The Sierra Group (One More Way collaborative). One More Way is also a good resource for information about employment incentives and provides a vocational rehabilitation service to help make members more employable. Pricing

  • Standard $195/ad, 3-pack $497: Posting and distribution to CareerCastPremium job board partners
  • Premium $234/ad, 3-pack $597: Posting, spotlight and featured upgrades, and distribution to CareerCastPremium and CareerCastDisability job board partners
  • Platinum $295/ad, 3-pack $683: Posting, spotlight and featured upgrades, and distribution to CareerCastPremium and CareerCastDisability job board partners and social media

AbilityLinks: Best for Finding Professionals With Disabilities

AbilityLinks homepage.

AbilityLinks is a small website for professionals with disabilities. Since its inception in 2001, 700 job seekers have reported finding employment through the website. It offers education, advocacy and job programs as well and invites employers to become supporters for additional benefits. You can post a single ad if you prefer, however.

AbilityLinks Pricing

  • Single ad: $400 for 30 days
  • Alternately, you can be an AbilityLinks sponsor
    • Silver ($3,000/year, $5,250/two-years): Featured company ad, logo on website, 50 active job postings, access to resumes, online donor wall recognition, one recruiter account
    • Gold ($5,000/year, $8,750/two-years): Featured company ad, logo on website, 100 active job postings, access to resumes, online donor wall recognition, two recruiter accounts, automated job posting
    • Platinum ($10,000/year, $17,500/two-years): Featured company ad, logo on header, company page, 1000 active job postings, access to resumes, online donor wall recognition, three recruiter accounts, automated job posting

Neurodiverse Jobs: Best for Cognitive Diverse Talent

Neurodiverse Jobs homepage.

Neurodiverse talent refers to people with cognitive or mental conditions like ADHD, autism, or mental illnesses. Such candidates may be brilliant and faithful workers, but need special conditions. In fact, the Neurodiverse Jobs website specifically asks if you provide such things as flexible hours, quiet office space, uninterrupted work time, assistive technology, and explicit communication.

Neurodiverse Jobs Pricing

Job ads are free.

Best Diversity Job Board for Candidates With a Criminal Record

70 Million Jobs

70 Million Jobs homepage.

70 Million Jobs is an award-winning job site targeted at people who have been to jail for misdemeanors and felonies. In addition to posting your ad on its site, it does email and text campaigns, and even direct phone calls.

70 Million Jobs Pricing

  • Individual posts: $149/ad
  • Pack of 10: $135/ad, spotlight posting position
  • Job Board Plus (custom pricing): Ads, link to your career page, dedicated account manager, ATS integrations

Best Job Boards Catering to Diverse Business Needs

There are many other diversity job sites that focus on attributes from location to experience. Here are a few more worth considering.

We Work Remotely: Best for Remote Jobs

We Work Remotely homepage.

We Work Remotely does not cater to specific demographics. Rather it is limited to remote jobs only. It claims a 90% fill rate. In addition to ads, it offers filtering services to get you the best candidates. It partners with Google Jobs, SitePoint, Unicorn Hunt (Europe Only Jobs), Designer News, and 20 independent niche job sites.

We Work Remotely Pricing

  • Job Ad: $299/month
  • Upgrades
    • Good Plan +$59: Company logo, shared on WWR Slack channel, 2X social media posts, distribution to partner networks
    • Better Plan +$99: Good Plan + highlighted ad
    • Best Plan +$149: Better Plan + pin ad for seven days, featured email placement
    • Applicant filtering: $199/ad

Ladders: Best for Executive Level Hires

Ladders homepage.

Regardless of your demographic, if you’re looking for high-level professionals, Ladders is the place to look. Over 45% of its candidates have a master’s degree or higher, and the average experience level is 15 years. It does not separate by demographics, but has a section for remote-only work. It has a database of professionals with resumes, pre-answered surveys, ATS integration, and more.

Ladders Pricing

  • Free plan: One user, 10 job posts, 10 resume reviews
  • Lite Plan: $159/month for 50 job posts, 50 resume reviews
  • Full Access: $499/month, unlimited everything.

Bottom Line

Hiring diverse employees should be a major consideration for your business, for a host of financial, operational, and cultural reasons. (Learn about some of these reasons in our diversity in the workplace statistics article.) In fact, there are some tax incentives associated with hiring certain people, including those with disabilities, veterans, and ex-felons.

The first step to having a diverse workforce is attracting candidates from a wide range of demographics. If standard job sites like Indeed are not meeting that need, the diversity job sites listed above can help you cast a larger net.

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