TV Network Refuses To Air ‘Miracle On 34th Street’ For Outdated Depictions Of Hope, Joy

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ATLANTA—Citing the film’s problematic portrayal of humanity as inherently good and capable of redemption, TV network Turner Classic Movies announced Monday that it would no longer be airing Miracle On 34th Street due to the 1947 Christmas film’s outdated depictions of hope and joy. “While this movie’s celebration of peace on earth and goodwill toward men might have resonated with Americans in the immediate postwar years, its antiquated themes of holiday cheer and the power of belief were wrong then and they are wrong now,” said Charles Tabesh, TCM’s head of programming, stating that the film did not belong on television and should never be screened without an introduction from a scholar that provided viewers with the full historical context of its misplaced optimism. “We understand that many Americans consider Miracle On 34th Street to be a classic, but it sets unattainable standards for the holiday spirit that have no place in our annual Christmas movie marathon.” Douglas went on to add that the network would still be airing seasonal favorite It’s A Wonderful Life, having opted for a restored and revised cut of the film that ends right when George Bailey attempts suicide.

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