How to Fast Shutdown Windows

You always wait to let your windows shut-down completely, this may sometimes be exasperating. User wants to know how to make Windows shutdown faster? The time of 60 seconds seems too much while your PC shutting down. But don’t worry, this trick will assuredly provide you some relax, which allow user’s system to shutdown and reboot instantly.

Quickly shutdown/reboot your computer
How to shutdown PC faster? Here is a quick guide for your computer to switch Off and shutdown operating system faster than before. I’ve tried and teste it, and I don’t have to wait over edges.

Moreover, you can also make fast shutdown and restart from quick launch buttons. Just follow quick tips to speed up shutdown time on Windows. If you really looking to improve & boost Windows 11/10 performance follow use and keep reading.

How to Fast Shutdown Windows
How to Fast Shutdown Windows

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How to Fast Shutdown Windows

Fixing shutdown time issue and speed up windows 11/10/8/7/XP shutdown. The following options are helpful for you to turn Off the computer quickly. Its just similar to a on/off switch button.

The following guide will shutdown your computer faster by means of automatically close running application at the same time.

Follow the steps to fast shutdown:

  • Open Run command
    (or press ‘windows+R‘)
  • Type ‘regedit‘, and press Enter
  • Open folder HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl Panel
  • Click on Desktop
  • Find on the right side panel: AutoEndTasks option
  • Right click on it, select ‘Modify‘ option
  • The default Value data field is 0, now change it to 1. Press OK, That’s all
  • Further more, you may reduce time that takes for killing all active/hung application, as mentioned in next few steps
  • For this, you must kept the HungAppTimeout value greater than WaitToKillAppTimeout value
    (These both option are appear in the same Desktop panel)
  • Change the value of WaitToKillAppTimeout to say 3500
    (Since default values are 5000 and 20000 for HungAppTimeout and WaitToKillAppTimeout resp.)
  • Click on SYSTEM –> ControlSet00#
  • Now click on Control only
  • Search for WaitToKillServiceTimeout option
  • The default value is 20000
    (this means that, system require 20seconds to Shutdown)
  • Set it to 5000
    (means you reduced the shutdown time from 20sec. to 5sec.)

You may take backup of your registry settings (by export registry option), in case you get messed up with it. It’s not serious, but it will help, when you are not follow steps correctly.

Create Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate Shortcut on Desktop

The following steps will help to create shortcut buttons on desktop:

  • Right click on desktop
  • Click on New >> Shortcuts
  • Then, ‘Create Shortcut‘ window will open
  • In the ‘Type the location of the item‘ field, type the following shortcut commands shown bellow
  • Press Next
  • Type the name of the shortcut, and click Finish
  • Now the shortcut is appeared on desktop. That’s all
  • Moreover, you can change the icon as you want


Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate Shortcut Commands

  1. To create SHUTDOWN shortcut key type following command:
    shutdown.exe –s –t 00
  2. To create RESTART shortcut key type following command:
    shutdown.exe –r –t 00
  3. To create HIBERNATE shortcut key type following command:
    rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState 0,1,0

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