Get hip to electronics and robotics with these DIY soldering kits

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TL;DR: As of Dec. 17, get the Wacky Robots 5-Pack Bundle of Soldering Practice Kits and put together your very own robots for $49.99.

There aren’t very many things that people of all ages can enjoy — learning a language, old Disney films, and sports are a few. But because it’s 2021, there’s a more futuristic hobby for people ages 9 to 109: robotics. And no matter where you fall on the number line, you can build your own robots right at home.

With the Wacky Robots Bundle, anyone can practice soldering and build their own robots right from their living rooms. The bundle comes with five fun and educational beginner-friendly soldering kits that result in quirky robots with a variety of features. They even have adorable robot names, including Bob, Capacitron, Mr. Bee, Marv, and Resistron. Each serves as an introduction to a new electronics concept and definitely beats listening to a lecture in a classroom.

First up is Bob. This unique little robot will be your guide to LEDs. This beginner-friendly, 16-piece project has six RGB LEDs that automatically change colors. Capacitron, adequately named, is your guide to capacitors, with charge and discharge techniques. Next up is Mr. Bee, a robot who teaches you about intentionally unbalanced motors and vibrates and moves around. Marve will be your guide to learning the difference between a pushbutton and a switch. Finally, Resistron teaches you about resistance and Ohm’s law. 

All the components you need for each of the five projects are included — even the coin cell batteries. All you have to do is follow the beginner-friendly instructions for each one and let your imagination run free. Great for adults who want to try their hand at soldering or for teaching young ones about electronics, these little robots can help you tap into your creativity, open your mind to new things, and have a little fun along the way.

Brought to you by the same company that made the DIY DJ Mixtable kit, the Wacky Robots Bundle is a project the whole family can get involved with. Purchase the kit for just $49.99 and enjoy.

Pliers putting wire into place on robot held in hands

Credit: CircuitMess

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