Amazon’s Appstore update is supposed to fix issues with Android 12

Amazon has finally rolled out an update for its Appstore, and it’s supposed to fix the issues that have been plaguing Android 12 users for over a month (via Engadget). After users downloaded Android 12, they noticed that the Amazon Appstore wasn’t functioning correctly, an issue likely caused by the lack of compatibility between Amazon’s built-in DRM and the operating system.

In an update on the Amazon support forum where the issue first came to light, an Amazon staff member notes that the technical team has issued an update to address the issue between the Appstore and Android 12. He says that you can download the update from Amazon’s website, and that you should sign out and sign in of the Appstore after installing the update. You’ll then have to update any apps that you’ve downloaded by opening the Amazon Appstore, heading to “My Apps,” and then hitting “Updates.”

However, this fix doesn’t seem to solve the problem for everyone. Some users on the forum say that they are still experiencing issues following the update. While a couple of different users complain that all of their apps still aren’t appearing on the store, another user reports that they’re getting compatibility errors when trying to open a single app.

The Verge reached out to Amazon with a request for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.

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