7 Top Side Hustles for Entrepreneurs in 2021

It’s 2021 and a huge number of young adults have either started or are in the process of starting their own businesses. Most entrepreneurs depend on both their full-time jobs and side-hustles to fund their business and also afford to live a happy lifestyle. Here are 7 side hustles you can invest your time into this year!

1. Affiliate Marketing

You’ll have to pay a to Amazon in order to use their platform to sell your goods. If you’re shipping via Amazon, you’ll be charged extra for that as well.


You don’t need to have a lot of experience to start making big money in this job. The best part is that it can be done online, so you can work whenever you want and don’t need to work on tight schedules. Your income will be dependent on your performance, so if you’re good at marketing, this could be your niche!


You’ll have to work by the merchant’s rules so you don’t have complete freedom to do things your way, even if your product is currently failing due to bad marketing strategies. As a result of this, your revenue can take a hit if the product isn’t doing well, even if it isn’t your fault. The pay-per-performance aspect can backfire in such cases. 

2. Influencers


If you’re an influencer, it means that how you choose to market a product is completely in your hands. If you’re creative, you’ll thrive in this role as you have the freedom to explore different types of marketing. Additionally, you’ll be able to get free products once you get a large following!


Nothing is promised- you may not get consistent work even with the people you partner with, and if the type of content you create does not become viral even though you spent hours working on it, it’ll be a waste of time, money, and energy. 

3. Social Media Managers

Social Media Networks


All your work can be done from home and you’ll basically be paid to spend time on all your favorite social channels. All you need to be successful here is a keen eye that picks up on new trends, an ability to multitask, and good organizational skills that help you stay on top of things.


It involves taking some risks, and if you fail, you may end up going viral for all the wrong reasons- such as making it to a list that reads “Top 5 social media fails!”. You’ll never be able to say you know it all because the market is constantly evolving and you’ll have to unlearn and relearn to keep up with the trends. 

4. Uber Drivers or Delivery Drivers 

Uber Drivers


All you need is some good driving skills and you’re going to be making money by the hour. Uber drivers and delivery drivers are hard workers who are compensated handsomely for all their effort. Most of the people in this job end up loving it so much that they stick to it for years! They make an average hourly salary of $16.38, and people who love driving enjoy making cash while doing it.


You’ll need to understand that this is hard work and doesn’t give you the benefit of working from home. You’ll be on the road most of the time, so you may not have a lot of time to focus on other businesses or pursuits.

5. Content Writers

Content Writers


You can earn decent pay from the comforts of your bed as a writer. Like most online jobs, content writing gives you the benefit of WFH and also has flexible work hours. Once you build a good portfolio online, you’ll be able to increase your rate per word and also get a more steady flow of work online.


There’s currently a huge demand for writers, which has led to more writers taking up freelance content writing roles for lesser prices. This may prevent you from getting a good rate, even if you have the experience.

6. Upwork Freelancers


Find the perfect job no matter how unique your niche is. You’ll be able to directly connect with people who are in need and get a good gig for anything you’re skilled at.


It’s hugely competitive so getting good deals can be difficult if you’re new there. There are also chances of getting scammed by people who use your services and refuse to pay you once you’re done.

7. Sell on Amazon


Selling your products on Amazon is a great deal because you’ll be able to reach a large audience, given that Amazon caters to millions of people. This means more exposure for your product or brand. 


You’ll have to pay a fee to Amazon in order to use their platform to sell your goods. If you’re shipping via Amazon, you’ll be charged extra for that as well.

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