14 Gifts That Will Delight the Cocktail Enthusiast in Your Life

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A little bit about myself: I like cocktails. I like making them. I like drinking them. I care about them very deeply. I predominantly exercise this affinity from the comfort of my own home, and over the course of the last several years have acquired a home bar I am quite comfortable in and enjoy a lot. Nightly, in fact. Sometimes morningly.

I think I’m pretty good at making them, and I know I’m great at drinking them. I’ve had lots of practice. If you know someone like me—or someone who wishes they were me—and are wondering what to gift them this holiday season, this is the list for you.

The first nine gifts on this list are things I was gifted and actually use on the reg. Almost all of these items fall under the “barware” category. These are gifts that were either new, useful additions to my bartender (home or otherwise) arsenal, valuable upgrades on items I already had, or things I never managed to get around to purchasing for myself.

The remaining suggestions are things I wouldn’t be mad about receiving. I’ve reached the point in my home bar set-up where I don’t exactly need anything, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of items I’d be pleased as punch to receive (such as items 9-14).

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