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YouTube: A Beginners’ Guide to Building a YouTube Channel Audience and Make Passive Income: Make Money Online on YouTube with YouTube Marketing, Volume 1

Price: (as of – Details ) Ever thought about starting a YouTube channel as a side income? Or do you have one but have no idea how ...

(as of – Details)

Ever thought about starting a YouTube channel as a side income? Or do you have one but have no idea how to monetize it? This audiobook is your answer. 

YouTube is the leading online video-hosting platform and the second most popular search engine after Google. YouTube’s parent company is Google. Thus, leveraging both YouTube and Google can give you an upper hand in accessing and directing traffic to your video. With more than a billion viewers and almost a million unique visits a day, YouTube is such a gigantic exposure that any serious video creator can simply not ignore it.

This guide is geared toward enabling you to take advantage of this immense potential by showing you how to create your own YouTube channel, build a massive audience, and maximize passive income. 

It starts with a beginner’s approach by proving to you why you ought to be on YouTube and unveiling to you immense benefits you can derive from having a YouTube channel. It goes further by practically walking you through step-by-step instructions to building your own passive-income-generating YouTube channel. 

Making good-quality YouTube videos is a must if indeed you have to tap into multimillion-dollar potential offered by YouTube. This guide introduces you to items you need as a starter to shoot your video and advance on that as you grow to become a professional YouTube video creator. 

Should you find your video shooting skills wanting or yourself not having enough time to manage your channel, this guide provides you with great alternatives that can enable you get the required people to help you create and run your YouTube channel.

Making money is obviously a great endeavor for any videopreneur (video entrepreneur). You, too, can make money. Indeed, you ought to do it in order to recoup your cost and investment and earn some profit on top. The purpose of this guide is to help you get rich through your videopreneurship endeavors. We walk you through ways to make money off your YouTube channel, how to raise funds the easiest way possible, and how to drive traffic to your channel and blog. We also show you how to share your knowledge via tutorials through your YouTube channel. 

Last but not least, like any other shrewd entrepreneur, you need to scale up your earnings. This guide provides you with hands-on practical information on how you can grow your channel to achieve multiple passive income streams while taking advantage of automation. 

Here’s what’s included in this audiobook:

  • Should you create a YouTube channel?
  • Steps to starting a YouTube channel
  • Items needed for a YouTube recording
  • Ways to monetize your channel
  • Affiliate marketing using your channel
  • Fiverr gigs
  • Patreon
  • Generating traffic to your website
  • Fan funding
  • Coaching tutorials

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Get more included with membership:

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1 credit a month

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