The Online Hustle: The Ultimate E-Commerce Selling Guide: Helping E-Commerce sellers grow their online business - A complete guide to E-Commerce selling and expanding globally

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The Online Hustle: The Ultimate E-Commerce Selling Guide is an essential resource for any e-commerce seller looking to start their own e-commerce selling business. You will be guided through your e-commerce journey with our top tips and essential advice – suitable for complete beginners, as well as the more experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs.

This e-commerce guide supports every e-commerce seller and what they need to bear in mind when launching on any e-commerce platform; whether that be: Amazon, Shopify, eBay or Etsy. The Online Hustle is a must-have addition to any entrepreneur’s library.

After years of running their own successful global accounting and e-commerce advisory service, Dr. Angelos Katsaris and Melanie V. Shabangu have put their minds together to write this essential e-commerce selling guide aimed at inspiring the next generation of e-commerce sellers and assisting them with setting up their e-commerce business.

At the heart of this book, we explore the key themes that link to the world of cross-border e-commerce and global expansion: Where are you going to store your goods? How are you going to remain compliant with the local taxes in the countries you are expanding into?

This book takes the mysteries out of doing business in the Middle and the Far East, and provides some interesting shortcuts on market research, barriers to entry and which options to look out for when manufacturing, shipping and storing your goods. It teaches you how to cost your goods, keep up to date with accounting records and be considerate of product compliance, IP and trademarks. There are several factors that everyone needs to consider when expanding into new and diverse marketplaces, and Dr. Angelos and Melanie explore these complex scenarios while exposing the resources available and dispelling all the myths.

The Online Hustle is targeted at those, who never thought they could start an e-commerce business on their own. It’s for the person who didn’t necessarily go to a business school, or the person has been affected by redundancy due to the COVID-19 pandemic and wants to branch out on their own. Think of it as a quick start guide and an indispensable resource to answer all of those burning questions about when, and how, to start an e-commerce retail business. The authors have written the book in a clear and crisp style, organised in a very user-friendly manner. This book is one of those rare finds that will be as useful to those well into their journey, as it is for those just starting out.


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