Join or Die: Digital Advertising in the Age of Automation

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Join or Die: Digital Advertising in the Age of Automation is a playbook for profitably leveraging automation within Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Facebook Ads, and other emerging advertising platforms.

You'll dive under the hood of the machine learning technology that drives these platforms and discover practical tips and strategies that can be immediately implemented in your campaigns. Join or Die will show you how to manage marketing organizations in the automation era, serving as a blueprint for the future leaders of this ever-changing industry.

Learn from the Top 10 PPC Thought Leader that Google relies on to train other agencies on best-in-class automation strategies!

Included in Join or Die:
  • 24 Chapters and Resources. Join or Die is filled with real-life case studies, supplemental materials, and machine learning concepts that will forever alter the way you approach campaign strategy. 
  • 100% Raw Insights. Patrick pulls back the curtain on the specific strategies that drove the most success, as well as the complete failures that almost cost the agency millions in revenue.
  • Insights From World-Class Marketers. From to the most well-known marketing conferences around the world, AdVenture Media has successfully taught these concepts to more than 180,000 marketers in more than 100 countries.
Chapter Breakdown:
  1. Automation Insecurities
  2. Basic Machine Learning Principles
  3. The Dawn of the New PPC Era
  4. Liquidity and the Micro-Moment
  5. The Bones of the Google AdWords Platform
  6. Google Ads Campaign Types
  7. Google Ads Audiences
  8. Attribution in Digital Advertising
  9. Changing Perspectives on Automation
  10. The Evolution of Machine Learning
  11. The Premium Auction
  12. The Yin & Yang of Premium Auctions and Liquidity
  13. The Modern Google Ads' Ecosystem
  14. A Guide to Google's Smart Bidding Options
  15. Under the Hood of the Target CPA Bidding Algorithm
  16. Automation in Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  17. Advanced Conversion Tracking
  18. How to Train Your Algorithm
  19. A Change in Agency Culture
  20. How to Build AI-Driven Organizations
  21. Building Your Team
  22. The P3X Framework: Systematizing Client Onboarding and Growth
  23. The Future of Digital Advertising Platforms
  24. Onwards

Praise for Join or Die:

“Join or Die is a wake up call to digital advertisers everywhere. Patrick's writing is overflowing with practical knowledge and a unique perspective. After reading Join or Die, you'll feel energized, confident, and motivated to implement these best-in-class automated strategies into your organization's marketing efforts.”
– Larry Kim, Founder, MobileMonkey; Wordstream
This book will help dispel some machine learning myths and make you reassess our own assumptions as to how you use data. If you're working in digital advertising and interested at all about automation and how to work with it, this is a wonderful read.”
– Brad Geddes, Co-Founder, Adalysis; Author, Advanced Google AdWords
If you don't have time to read 30+ business books and figure out what they mean for you as a digital marketer, you'll love this book. Not only will you learn about the future of the industry, you'll also find specific tips based on Patrick's many years as a successful PPC expert. “
– Frederick Vallaeys, Cofounding CEO, Optmyzr
Patrick brings a ton of passion and knowledge to this topic and makes a compelling case for why marketers need to incorporate Google automation into their SEM practice!”
– David Rodnitzky, Founder, 3Q Digital
Patrick knows so much and writes so well that you will enjoy learning and look forward to meeting him someday.”
Jim Sterne, Founder, Marketing Analytics Summit; Author, Artificial Intelligence for Marketing
“Join or Die is a digital advertising masterclass. Gather round … and listen closely to what Patrick has to say.”
– Isaac Rudansky, Founder, AdVenture Media Group 
“Patrick challenges the broader marketing community to think more strategically and creatively about harnessing this technology to solve real world marketing problems.”

 – Annie Tao, Agency Account Strategist, Google


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