How to Run Your Own SEO Company: Your guide to building a honest and profitable SEO company

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Print Edition • The Easiest to Understand SEO Training Manual for Everyone • Guide to Successfully Start and Manage Your SEO Company or Business • Learn How to Setup Online Payments for Your SEO Company or Freelance Business • Step by Step Instructions on Where to Find and How to Use SEO – Free Online Tools – • Updated Realistic Applications of SEO Skills Described Inside (How? and When?) • Using SEO from the Frontend and Backend of Websites and Pages • How to Charge Your Customers for Your SEO Services (How Much? and How Long?) Product Description: The “How to Run Your Own SEO Company” written By Paden Clayton is a simplified step by step guide for those who not only wish to start their own SEO Company, but also those who are looking to learn about SEO. Learn how to build a Profitable SEO Company by following the directions given in this E-Book. Several Key Factors are covered in this book. Basic Business Setup, Banking and Tax Considerations, Detailed Overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the Technical Aspects and using SEO Tools needed to make it easier for anyone with basic computer experience. Not a Techy Person? That’s okay. “How to Run Your Own SEO Company” will teach you all the terminology of SEO’s and their meanings, as well as where they apply. Paden Clayton has even went a step further in this book by teaching SEO Entrepreneurs, How to Outsource your SEO Work When Needed. Everything You need Right Inside this eBook.


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