How to Get a UX Design Job: Create a compelling portfolio, submit a stand-out application, and ace the interview to land your user experience dream job

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Want to land your next (or first) UX job?
UX is hot these days, but the competition for jobs is fierce. When it’s you against 200 other applicants, you must stand out. Are you stressing over your portfolio? Second-guessing your resume? Obsessing about what crazy questions or design exercises they might throw at you during an interview?

In How to Get a UX Design Job, UX veteran Lisa Murnan shows you how to:

* Design everything for your “users” (hint: recruiters, hiring managers, and potential teammates)
* Create an Applicant Tracking System-friendly resume that gets you noticed by a real, live person
* Write a cover letter that shows off your personality
* Design a UX portfolio with substance that will impress recruiters and hiring managers
* Build a professional online presence with your website, LinkedIn, and other social media
* Answer common UX interview questions with confidence
* Master the art of the in-person design exercise

Written by a UX designer for UX designers, this practical, tactical handbook will help you take your user experience career to the next level.


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