Everything I learned at $200,000 MBA about Marketing: Fun, relaxed, easy to read.

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How did Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik get tangled with global clothier Lacoste?

How did Mercedes cross paths with the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?

That’s right. Nobody teaches business management like I do. PERIOD.

I combine intrigue, fascination and story telling with world class knowledge in a way that crucial business concepts stick in your memory.

Hello, my name is Ritesh and I was fortunate to attend the #1 Business School in the World for Marketing. Sticker price: $200k. In this book, I unleash everything I learned. Read on. I promise to not take myself too seriously.

Unlike most boring MBA books out there, this book is fun. Like watching episodes of ‘MBA Professors Gone Wild’. Full of day-to-day conversational terms like ‘shitty’, ‘sucks’, and ‘blows’ to keep you entertained and awake.

We will cover everything from vision formulation and marketing strategy to product-market fit, pricing, distribution, viral marketing, running digital ads, enterprise sales, and campaign effectiveness using analytics. Once you read this book, you will be able to understand very relevant industry speak used by business professionals. For example: Brand Positioning Statement. And how it is used by companies like Amazon and Coca Cola to design Ads that hook us. In case you were wondering, Brand Positioning Statement is a one-liner that reflects your marketing strategy, along with the brief rationale for choosing that strategy. This book answers the top questions that most professionals face today:

What are the secrets of building Winning Businesses that grow vigorously on Minimal Marketing?

How you I tune pricing, features, messaging & branding to dramatically improve profitability?

How can I fix the business that is failing to signup customers even though you are spending big money on marketing?

All of this with fun filled facts:

  1. Chinese armies in the 5th century were setting fire to the enemy camps late at night. Why? And, what fascinating lesson does it gives is about formulating corporate mission and strategies?
  2. Rock and roll song that failed miserably on debut in 1954 went on to become the second best selling number of all time. How? And, what surprising lesson does it teach us about viral marketing .. see more in Viral Digital Advertising.
  3. For just $20/day people are running Facebook marketing campaigns and using insider tricks to make their Ads go Viral. How are they doing it? Find out in Viral Digital Advertising.
  4. Enterprise prospect gone cold? How can you use Facebook/Linkedin sniper targeting to wake them up? Learn these pro tricks in Mastering Enterprise Sales.
  5. Ikea is making one major mistake in outlining their corporate vision. What is that mistake? Read more inside in Visionary Marketing.

Master everything I am going to teach you here. Then, apply these kick-butt skills in your life and business. You will be able to make a huge difference. Rich rewards await. I wrote this book for people like us and I cannot wait to see what you will do with it.

– Ritesh



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