You know Study Shows More People Are Now Interested To Buy Apple AirTags To Track Their Items

You know Study Shows More People Are Now Interested To Buy Apple AirTags To Track Their Items

Ever since Apple has introduced AirTags, there has been an on-going debate about whether the product would be a hit or not. The truth is Apple wanted to explore a new market and this time they sided with item tracking while knowing that this market space is already being currently dominated by Tile.

However, just like always, Apple again has been lazy as before them Samsung released SmartTags and that is probably the reason why many have concerns about the future of AirTags.

Nevertheless, as competition is here to stay, people on the other hand seem to be liking the new ways to find their lost luggage, keys, pets, or other items as according to a group survey done by NPD 64% of 5,000 cell phone users have shown interest in buying the item trackers. If we break down these stats even more then 69% of voters were Apple users and 57% were Android fans.

If we look at the value of item trackers, their materials and consider the fact how they can protect things that we are emotionally connected to, then there is no doubt in the fact that it is fairly an inexpensive purchase (precisely $30 for one).

But, on the other hand, if we look at the data presented by NPD, then in terms of sales this category just enjoyed a hike of 2% in dollars and 7% in units during the last whole year. The Air Tags might just give a boost to those numbers soon! 


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