You know YouTube Select Will Now Offer Seasonal Opportunities for Brands to Increase Their Reach

You know YouTube Select Will Now Offer Seasonal Opportunities for Brands to Increase Their Reach

YouTube is one of the worlds most used platform and probably the best one to stream your videos and watch video content on. The application knows that it has a large following and therefore it works hard every day to offer the best it has to its community.

YouTube offers brands an option called YouTube Select which allows brand to select on which videos they want to display their brand marketing and ads and hence brands can select the site’s top videos and channels to display their advertising. However, things are now changing as Google is now expanding what YouTube Select offers with seasonal sponsorships that will be available quarterly.

A new update will allow an expansion in the slate of the sponsorship opportunities it offers through YouTube Select and this option will give brands more ways in which they can promote their brands to specific moments and themes within the app. According to the platform, this new seasonal sponsorship will allow users to focus on what’s prominent in culture during that time of year like Mother’s Day, Summer Wellness or Women in Music during Women’s History Month and advertise on such seasonal trending videos.

This sponsorship opportunity will offer brands more ways to tie into popular, thematic content, and have their promotions displayed alongside videos in a broader and more diverse range of categories which will increase their reach.

YouTube will offer various new sponsorship opportunities like:

YouTube Greenlight, which will enable brands to sponsor an original series from a group of emerging YouTube creators.

New gaming content opportunities through event like Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards.

NFL Game Day All Access will be a period in which advertisers will have the opportunity to sponsor the show for multiple episodes during the regular season and postseason.

New sustainability will offer more focused programming

Seasonal event sponsorship opportunities, including Mother's Day and Black Music Appreciation Month

The video search giant says that the seasonal opportunities will be made available throughout the year depending on what is trending along with connected programs and channels which will be tied to various events and all this will help brands to maximize their reach and branding across the platform and while this kind of branding can be a little expensive but it can be made up when more people will look for the same content at different periods and this will be very good for a brands reach to a more larger audience. 


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