Did you know YouTube to Start Separating Shorts From Long Form Content

Did you know YouTube to Start Separating Shorts From Long Form Content

A major way in which content online has changed over the past decade has involved an increased focus on short form content. Vine was the first app that started this trend, but it failed to keep its head above water and was eventually shut down. TikTok became the next torch bearer for this kind of content and it has managed to create a huge paradigm shift that has forced other bigger tech companies to refocus on short form content and create spaces for it where they might have otherwise started preferring long form content instead.

YouTube has tried its hand at creating a brand new app for short form content to compete with TikTok, but recently they have started to change this in favor of incorporating short form content into their main app. Generally this has appeared in the same feed as long form content, but starting from this week it will be available in a completely separate shelf (you can call it a tab) which means that you can now choose if you want to see long form or short form content.

Content creators are also going to get something out of this since they would have a separate section on their channel for short form content if they create such a thing. YouTube is trying hard to make sure that creators don’t feel forced into this kind of content though, since they are claiming to give creators the ability to remove this section if it’s not suitable for them.

YouTube’s focus on shorts and the like might be bad news for TikTok, since this is the only streaming platform that could give the up and coming Chinese app a run for its money. It’s likely that other content creators would start to look into more options as well in this regard so that they can capitalize on the extreme interest that shorts are currently generating.

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