You know The list of apps that generated overall high revenues for February 2021 has been released

You know The list of apps that generated overall high revenues for February 2021 has been released

Time to time, lists of non-gaming apps release on a monthly or yearly basis. These lists provide insights and trends about the apps which have generated higher revenues overall in the industry. The list came up for both the Apple app store and Android play store.

Similarly, in 2021, the first ever list of grossing apps has been released for the month of February. The app which comes on top of the grossing non-gaming apps was TikTok. TikTok generated over $110 million in user engagement. Like every time, TikTok breaks the record by generating 1.9 times more of its revenue in February last year. When it comes to grossing apps, TikTok is a very popular name included in non-gaming apps and for many years it has been constantly increasing its revenue. The majority of TikTok’s revenues were generated from Douyin in China around 79 percent. The United States contributed in generating 8 percent revenue and 3 percent was from Turkey.

The full lists including top-grossing non-gaming apps from 1 to 10 is presented by the store intelligence platform of Sensor Tower.

The most earning app that came on the second rank is YouTube. Before TikTok, YouTube used to be on the top as both are entertaining platforms, the gross rate of both the apps changes every year. YouTube generated more than $82 million being the second most earning platform worldwide. As compared to February 2020, YouTube revenue has increased 23 percent in February 2021. Around 51 percent of YouTube's sales came from the U.S, with Japan accounting for 12%. Tinder was the next most earning app, after which Piccoma and Tencent Video came in line.

Disney+ is the sixth most earning non-gaming of February 2021. On the seventh rank is iQIYI followed by Google one and Twitch. Lastly, BIGO LIVE ranks tenth on the list of top-grossing apps worldwide for the month of February 2021.

Sensor Tower analyzes the sales figures based on cumulative user spending on the App Store and Google Play across the world from 1st February 2021 to 28th February 2021. No other third-party sources are used to rank the apps in terms of revenues generated by each of them.


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