Did you know Facebook is introducing new tools for eCommerce field and for content creators to claim their stolen content

Did you know Facebook is introducing new tools for eCommerce field and for content creators to claim their stolen content

In this age where the world of social media is on the lead with content creators from every genre presenting their creative content to the world. The idea of someone stealing or mimicking the concepts of someone else’s concept is quite common. Different social media platforms have introduced tools from where you can report such heinous acts but sometimes they go un-noticed as well. Some accounts go on to this far by stealing pictures from public accounts and post them as their own content. Such things are seen on the internet every day and it is up to these digital platforms to come with strong and effective measures against these acts.

Recently YouTube introduced the concept of allowing content creators to detect and report their stolen content, following this is yet another tech giant Facebook adding more features to its Brand Safety and Intellectual Property tools by introducing this feature where content creators can detect and then claim the right of their content that is stolen from other account and pages. Facebook announced this feature through a blog post saying that through Rights Manager, copyright owners can now claim and collect their ad earnings from their copyrighted content that got stolen from other accounts that meet the Community Standard set by Facebook and their monetization policies. This means that Facebook is introducing an expansion on their brand safety by allowing content creators to even earn the money through their stolen content that got posted from another page’s account. Creating any type of content requires a lot of hard work and this concept from Facebook is a great way for content creators to even earn money after their content got stolen, although, the content that got claimed would first have to meet with Facebook’s monetization policies and then only it will be considered as stolen content otherwise not. So basically, Facebook has opted for a better optimistic view, where the claimed content, instead of being permanently removed after getting claimed, can simply get the rights back to the original creator and enable them to earn money from that point of view. This too is great perspective from Facebook’s part.

Along with this Facebook is also planning to launch more updates to its Commerce and Ads IPS Tool to help businesses identify their products that get sold from Facebook to avoid any copyright claim from that product’s firm. The new update will consist of image search feature which will allow businesses to post their products images with matching it with Facebook’s listings. The matches will display results from both Facebook and Instagram Shops with product tags. Facebook can be seen taking an interest in the eCommerce field; recently the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is a home for over a million active shops with over 250 million people using this for their shopping.


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