Is Twitter Planning To Launch Encrypted DMs?

Is Twitter Planning To Launch Encrypted DMs?

There is every likelihood of your Direct Messages on Twitter being hacked or that they could be forcefully accessed by the government officials for inquiries. Therefore, in order to keep your private conversation secret, TechCrunch has reported that Twitter may soon intend to introduce encrypted DMs. Sounds interesting, isn't it? 

The company hasn't made a comment about it so we don’t know yet whether or not this feature will be launched. However, the following screen grab from Jane Machun Wong is a strong indication of the company launching the feature: 

As you could see in the above image, there’s an option of beginning a ‘secret conversation’. Moreover, there’s a feature of encryption keys for you and the receiver to view. The notion of this feature is make sure your conversation is totally secure. 

One thing is certain and i.e., if this feature gets rolled out, it would be great for anyone who is an avid user of the platform.

Image Source: Motherboard

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