Fast Food Font Choices: What Goes Into The Making Of Scrumptious Logos!

Fast Food Font Choices: What Goes Into The Making Of Scrumptious Logos!

What is that makes your favorite fast food joint’s logo instantly recognizable? Some would argue that it is the choice of font that makes it stand out for them while other consumers might say that it is their preference for a particular brand that makes it so.
I would say that both cases apply. It is true that consumers are able to recognize their favorite food brand through its logo because they are frequent customers. Food brands know this for a fact, which is why they are very careful about the types of font they use for their logos.LEARN MORE ABOUT RESTAURANT LOGOS
Logo designers know that crafting a memorable logo has more to do with how consumers perceive a particular brand. They also know that a logo’s design, in this case font, also plays a significant role in crafting a brand’s image.
Some of the food brand logos in this list have stuck to the same font for decades. Some have made subtle changes to their fonts over the years while others have gone through complete overhauls with their logo designs. Let’s see how some of the best brands in food have tinkered with their logo designs over the years –
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