8 Tips to Create Outstanding Font Pairs

8 Tips to Create Outstanding Font Pairs

When you choose a font for a design, what is it that comes to mind? Do you look at a font’s style or do you look at its affinity with another font? If you combine both of these aspects, you can create font pairs that can make your design shine.
It can be said that mismatched font pairings are deadly sins of typography. Keep in mind, the look of a font can sometimes help a designer communicate a message as much as words and sentences can. Font pairings that are mismatched can compromise the message that you are trying to convey with your design. This is because each typeface has its own voice. This voice can be drowned out if it is paired with a typeface that is in conflict with it.
Font pairs that are perfectly matched can make your message loud and clear. They can set the tone for a design and influence how it is perceived whether the design is a presentation, website or app.
Gone are the days when designers were limited to fonts like Comic Sans, Times New Roman and Arial. Modern designers have hundreds of fonts to choose from. This is also why it becomes important for them to be careful about the typefaces that they choose.
If you want to create perfect logo design for your company, scroll down to find out how designers harmonize different fonts to make their designs communicate better!

8 Tips to Create Outstanding Font Pairs
Courtesy of: Designmantic.com

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