Each year, several changes in the search engine optimization industry require every practitioner all over the world to enrich their knowledge and update their techniques as well. And although there are only two months left before the year 2016 is over, it is not too late for you to catch up with the latest trends and techniques to further improve your site’s ranking.

Knowing the most and least important ranking factors is a good place to start. If you have not been able to catch up with the latest news about the most important factors that can affect the ranking of your website, then you are only wasting a lot of your time and effort optimizing the less significant elements of your site. To help you with that, Moz has conducted a study which revealed the top-ranking factors that can significantly impact your ranking, namely: mobile-friendliness, page’s perceived value, usage data, and readability and design of content. The study also shows the factors that have the least impact such as the paid links and anchor text.

And with the rising usage of smartphones nowadays, it is also important to optimize your website not only to desktop computers but on mobile as well. Although many people are still using the desktop to perform an online search, a study conducted by Neil Patel that an increase of 43% each year on the total searches made through mobile devices. By optimizing your site for mobile search, you can reach a different market segment for your product or service which can also boost your sales and brand image.

There are still a lot of strategies that you should learn to improve your SEO skills. Check this infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines and help yourself to become an exceptional SEO to become a better SEO this year and beyond.

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