Crafting A Perfect ‘About Me’ Page

Crafting A Perfect ‘About Me’ Page

Are you ignoring one of the top 10 most popular pages on your site? If you haven’t updated your about me page in the past year, then the answer is yes.

...You’re probably asking yourself, so what if I don’t update my about me page? I’ve taken care of my home page, my sales page, and my articles.

The fact is, people who visit your ‘About Me’ page are coming to it from a different source than those who only visit your home page.

People who visit your about me page most likely have seen your name mentioned somewhere on the net:

A post you shared on Facebook, a comment you left on a website or a tweet you just sent.

i.e. these are “warm leads”

They already know about you, and are intrigued in what you have to offer, and this is your opportunity to sell them.

With this in mind, checkout the About Me Page: The Ultimate How to Guide and the accompanying infographic.

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