7 Tools to Improve Your Writing Productivity

7 Tools to Improve Your Writing Productivity

Bloggers need to tap on their creative juices for them to be productive and to create the kind of content expected from them. If you are working as a writer, there are various tools that you can to improve your productivity. From de-cluttering your workspace to tools that are designed to improve your work, these tools can surely be of big help.

One of the best apps for bloggers and writers is the bywordapp. With this tool, you can write, sync and export your work. All of the tools that you need when writing are available on this platform. Once you are done, you can sync your documents in all of your devices. You can even access your file in your iPhone or iPad. This tool allows you to edit your work anytime and anywhere.

Quabel.com is a website that is designed for bloggers to increase their productivity. With this tool, you can easily focus on your writing as they offer a distraction-free interface that you can use when you start writing. This platform simplifies your work so you can achieve your writing goals. Even if you are offline, you can access your file which makes things easier.

Windows Live Writer is an application is created for creating and managing posts. Even if you are offline, you can still write a blog post and you can just publish you work later. Apart from this feature, there are also other tools from this app which include image manipulation, HTML tables and maps from Virtual Earth. In reviewing your work, you can use the spell checker. If you use the Beta 2 version, you can also create future posts and publish them based on your schedule.

When doing a certain type of content with specific number of words, you need to be mindful of the word count. Sometimes you tend to overlook which might result to excessive number of words. The Written Kitten is the best tool for this use. It is a simple yet effective tool that reminds you that you have reached a certain number of words like 300,500 or 1,000. In that way, you can just continue working and once you see the image appearing, you can wrap up your thoughts so you would not exceed in the number of words.

Aussie Writer is one of the leading professional writing services. There are instances where you might need the help of a professional writer. Aussie Writer offers several writing services depending on which type of content you need. To place your order, you can simply provide the details of the content you want to be written and they will handle the job.

When writing content, you have to make sure that is readable and that it is a content that offers something essential to readers. There are specific tools that are specifically created for this purpose like the Readability-score.com. This platform makes it easy for you to check the readability of your text since you can just paste your text and see the readability of the text. What is nice about this tool is that if you subscribe to become a premium supporter by paying $10 per year, you can have more advanced tools and process bulk documents.

Just like artists, writers also need to have their writing studio. Among the best tools that you can find is the Srivener. This is a good writing studio which makes it easy for you to create any content with its interface. In using Scrivener, you can cultivate your writing ideas by organizing your thoughts and your work. Whether you are writing a novel or a research paper, this tool can surely help you with organization which can avoid clutter in your workspace.

This guest post is written by Amy Cowen. She manages her own team of writers, always trying to improve their writing productivity with the help of different tools and apps.
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