Blogging Tips 5 Ways To Improve Your Next Blog Post

Blogging Tips 5 Ways To Improve Your Next Blog Post

In the increasingly competitive market of blogging, it can often feel like you're talking to an empty room - struggling to gain traction and find your audience.

Luckily, help is at hand. Drawing upon leading studies and marketing data, here are 5 ways to create a buzz around your next blog post.
Key Takeaways:

By using curiosity-based headlines as triggers, Upworthy generates 500 percent more traffic to their posts.

General Copy:
Readers should be able to scan the copy at a glance, and sub-headers improve readability and search engine optimization.

Adding Social Share Buttons:
make your content as shareable as possible by drawing out quotable lines and using social media buttons. Use callouts like "Tweet this" or "Share this."

Use High Quality Images:
High quality multimedia can hold a reader's attention, increase trust and reduce the bounce rate. A Wharton School of Business study found that 67 percent of a presentation audience are persuaded by content that has accompanying visuals.
Infographic courtesy of: Backlinko.

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