Social Media Active Users by Network

Social Media Active Users by Network

One of the most common questions from both businesses and social media marketers is "how many?" How many users. How many people. How many opportunities - for each of the social networks.

Of course each social network is different. Some have extremely high usage every month by hundreds of millions of users, while others the only numbers reported are registered members.

Are any of these numbers accurate? Nope. They're changing by the second, literally, and of course there are always questions about how they're calculated, how many fake accounts are counted, and so on.

Yet the fact remains, even with a large statistical margin for error, these membership numbers are extremely interesting.

For each network, we will indicate the date of the most recent accounting, as well as whether we are looking at active monthly members or just registered users. Below the top social networks, you'll also find data for secondary or up and coming networks, like Tumblr, Meerkat, Periscope and more.


  • Count: 1.55 Billion Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: November, 2015
  • Launch Date: February, 2004

Facebook's data is one of the more recent sets to have been officially reported by the company, and therefore can be considered one of the most accurate. And of course Facebook continues to reign as the largest and most active of all the social networks.


  • Count: 1 Billion Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: March, 2013
  • Launch Date: May, 2005

Unfortunately, it's been over a year since YouTube released any official usage statistics. Though it's probably safe to say that once you pass 1 billion users, with the clear volume of new content and activity, this network is a powerhouse.


  • Count: 540 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: October, 2013
  • Launch Date: June, 2011
This is probably the point where many of you are shocked. Even though I've been talking about Google+ for a long time, and have fought against the "ghost town" misnomer, many still think that no one else uses the network.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In less than three years, Google+ has surpassed Twitter and LinkedIn and other networks to become the third largest social network in the world. Though to be fair, these numbers are extremely stale and there are indications that actual monthly usage is likely more in line with Pinterest or LinkedIn. More on Google+ and these numbers in a moment.


  • Count: 400 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: September, 2015
  • Launch Date: October, 2010

Instagram has been keen to report their usage statistics regularly, and with good reason. In March of 2014 they reported 200 million active monthly users, and by December they were reporting 300 million. After another 9 months, they'd grown by 100 million once more. Not only is that a stunning rate of growth, but that also puts them neck-and-neck with Twitter for the #4 slot among social networks.


  • Count: 320 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: September, 2015
  • Launch Date: March, 2006

Twitter continues to grow at a fairly steady rate. And the numbers are extremely fresh, so we can rely on them for comparison.


  • Count: 200 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: September, 2015
  • Launch Date: January, 2013

And there's Twitter's own video platform, Vine, which had been growing rapidly. A note though about this data: it was not reported as "Active Monthly Users" so it is somewhat suspect. In a blog post announcing Music on Vine, they said, "These stories, and so many others, inspire us and more than 200 million people* who watch Vines every month." The asterisk indicated Google Analytics as the source. We therefore don't know if 200 million is Page Views or Unique IP Addresses or something else. But for now, we'll take Vine to mean 200 million "unique" people and bump them up past Pinterest and LinkedIn on the Social Network ladder.


  • Count: 100 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: October, 2015
  • Launch Date: May, 2003

Of all of the social networks, LinkedIn is the oldest and perhaps the least rapidly growing, though leadership has been making an effort over the past year to change that. Between the news integration of Pulse and the recent ability to publish on the platform, LinkedIn is hoping to spur both growth and daily usage.

Prior to 4th Quarter of 2015 however, MUA reports have always been estimations for the platform, as only total user count was reported. In a quaterly statement, however, LinkedIn revealed a total user count of 400 million and an average monthly user count of 100 million, far lower than the previous estimates of 187 million.


  • Count: 100 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Reported Date: September, 2015
  • Launch Date: March, 2010

In a recently published story from The New York Times, and confirmed by Pinterest, it can now be reported that the network has achieved 100 million monthly active users. Previously, we only knew from a 2013 study that there were 70 million registered users, so this is a dramatic improvement in information.

For reference, virtually every network agrees that an active user is one who took some action within the past month. And for some of the networks, that includes actions that can take place off-site, like +1'ing a blog post. So if you're wondering how many people are logging into a particular platform and looking at the stream of content being generated by the accounts they're following, those numbers are lower still. And almost none of the networks even try to report them.
Furthermore, to clarify, the numbers for Google+ do not include YouTube or Gmail or other Google accounts or services. It is an accurate representation of the number of people who have chosen to create a Google+ account and done something within the last month. Google actually is the one network that does release additional data per month, and it's quite astonishing:

  • 1.5 billion registered users
  • 300 million people active in the stream
  • 1.5 billion photos uploaded weekly
If you haven't yet given Google+ a fair shot, I suggest you try. While Facebook will continue to be a wonderful network for keeping in touch with family and friends, many have found Google+ to be an extraordinary opportunity to make new friends and network with other people with similar interests and passions. Circle me now and give it a shot:

Other Interesting Social Network User Counts

  • VIADEO - 60 Million
  • VIMEO - 170 Million
  • TUMBLR - 420 Million blogs
  • SLIDESHARE - 60 Million
  • FOURSQUARE - 55 Million users
  • FLICKR - 92 Million users
  • SNAPCHAT - 100 million
  • STUMBLEUPON - 30 million
  • DIGG - 8 million
  • DISQUS - 150 million
  • ELLO - 1 million
  • MEERKAT - 2 million
  • PERISCOPE - 10 million
  • MYSPACE - 50 million
  • QUORA - 2.9 million
  • REDDIT - 169 million
  • TSU - 3.5 million
  • WHATSAPP - 800 million
  • BLAB - ?

And that's it! All of the major social networks, plus a few others thrown in for fun.

Every month, if new data is released, I will update the numbers and the graphics accordingly.

If you'd like, here's one compilation infograph that you can Pin to Pinterest just by mousing over it and clicking the Pin It button.

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