7 Handy Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress

7 Handy Event Calendar Plugins for WordPress

If you are a WordPress site owner, then you are familiar with the advanced features and functions of this content management system. Millions of websites are powered by WordPress because it is the most flexible content publishing software in the web world. It offers thousands of useful plugins to its end users to serve their requirements amongst them Event Calendar plugins play a vital role when you are developing events and entertainment related websites.
For this muster, we have collected some of the handy Calendar plugins for WordPress users that can be easily added to your sites and make them visually appealing and accessible for potential visitors.

1. WordPress Events Manager (Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/events-manager/)

Events Manager is an incredible event registration plugin for WordPress websites. It includes location management, recurring events, calendar, book management and Google map integration.
It also provides different ticketing options, event calendar scheduling options, event registration for Google. Though, it doesn’t offer too many customization options, but it is a good WP plugin.

2. Google Calendar Events (Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-calendar-events/)

It is one of the most popular calendar plugins among the web users. It is a free and easy-to-use plugin that comes with advanced features and functionalities. The Google Calendar Events plugin can analyze multiple Google Calendars to insert events directly to the event calendar section of your site.
It allows you to customize the display of your calendars according to your requirement. You can also add advanced features with add-ons as well.
To an addition, Google Calendar Events plugin also offers 100% responsive and mobile-friendly monthly grid and list views.


3. All-in-One Event Calendar (Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/)

The All-in-One Event Calendar WordPress plugin is developed by Timely and offers tons of stunning features. It provides three calendar theme designs so that you can customize the design of event & calendar section with ease.
It comes with custom post type allows you to include the event name, category, description and tags effortlessly. You can also mention the specific date and time of the event, its location, the cost and the Link where visitors can buy tickets, and other information about the event organizers.
Moreover, you can also download add-ons at time.ly if you want more advanced features such as Frontend Submissions, Venues, Extended Views, Twitter Integration, Super Widget and much more.

4. Ticket Tailor (Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ticket-tailor/)

Ticket Tailor is a great WordPress plugin that allows you to switch your WordPress site into an online ticketing shop. It is used to set up an online event ticketing system in your website. With this plugin, you can add event registration forms directly in your site with an objective to enable your customers to easily purchase event tickets from your site.
It is integrated with PayPal, one of the safe and secures Payment Gateway that accepts both credit and debit cards. But the best part about Ticket Tailor is that it includes a barcode scanning entry system so that physical tickets will be scanned when to enter.

5. Event Espresso (Link: https://eventespresso.com/)

Event Espresso is a mind-blowing event registration and management WordPress plugin, designed for website owners and organization leaders who want to integrate event registration and ticketing tools for their event based website.
It comes with customized event designs that allow you to edit your calendar as per your requirement. Apart from customized templates, it also offers HTML and CSS options that can help you customize the design of event and calendar system of your site (if you know HTML and CSS coding).
Event Espresso comes with multiple ticketing and pricing options that let you craft different types of tickets, and set appropriate prices, ticket quantity limits and more quickly and easily. Plus, ticket sales are managed and controlled with powerful options such as different ticket selections, payment and tax collection, and easy checkout. In fact, you can track and validate registration and tickets through your mobile phone.

Pricing range of Event Espresso:
·         $69.5 Personal – 1 site with support
·         $249.95 Business – Supports 1 site
·         $549.95 Developer- Supports 5 websites
You can also fill an application form to get a free trial plan for testing.

6. Event Organiser (Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/event-organiser/)

Event Organiser is a free yet powerful WordPress plugin that provides excellent calendar management system to the website owners. It makes it easy to build one-time or recurring events with ease. If you are struggling because of complicated scheduling, then you can opt for this plugin as it can handle this type of scheduling with ease.
It comes with flexible and intuitive user interface that let you see your events in the familiar WP list or in a calendar page.
However, the event organiser doesn’t offer ticketing or personal calendar scheduling or registrations, but it is fully- integrated with Google Maps.

7. Event List (Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/event-list/)

Event List is one of the simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that manages your events and display them on your website. This plugin uses the WordPress’ WYSIWYG editor that allows you to make your calendar more catching and stylish.
It also uses shortcode or a widget to showcase a list of events, along with time, date, location, description and a lot more on your website.
Overall, it is a great plugin for those who want to turn their site into online event and registration system.


We have mentioned the seven most stunning event calendar plugins in this blog post that can help you set up a powerful event management system into your WP site. You can choose the most suitable one according your business requirements.

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