Ways To Mobile Optimise Your Website For Speed Marketing

Ways To Mobile Optimise Your Website For Speed Marketing

As the use of smartphones and tablets have increased drastically, millions of online shoppers have switched on from the desktops to the portable devices. Rather than spending hours in front of PCs, people find it more comfortable to look for desired products in online stores through their smartphones. In such a market situation, the need for a mobile optimized website or responsive website design has enhanced immensely.

That said, if you own a commercial website, it's time to adapt mobile marketing strategies. Although the mobile optimized website is a totally different story from a traditional website, offering a mobile-friendly website to prospective users gives you an unparalleled advantage over your competitors.

So how can you optimize your website for small-screened devices? Here are some effective measures.

Mobile Optimization

Responsive design and planned layout: As the screen size of smartphones differ, responsive design allows a website to fit automatically to different screens perfectly. A mobile optimized website adjusts in every device so that its content can be accessed conveniently.

Apart from this, your site's mobile version should have a planned layout; i.e. there must be minimum pages (only the important ones) and a simplified design. For example, your website must have blank or white space that separates two products. Offering a cluttered website in small devices confuses the users and reduces your chances of converting traffic into leads.

Easy Navigation: The navigation procedure of your mobile website must be as simplified as it can be. Not only a simple application takes less time and effort, but also it is easier to use. Offering a simple sitemap in the homepage is an efficient idea, as users can easily direct into the page they're searching. Also, you should avoid pop ups because it distracts as well as annoys the prospective customers.

Ask for minimum Typing-work:Many people, mainly who are not familiar with QWERTY keyboards in phones, find it difficult to express their desires. Hence, you should offer dropdown menu or checklists so that they can simply tap on the relevant option. This would save their time as well as efforts in searching for a product.

As optimization is not enough, you need to execute several mobile marketing strategies for increasing conversions.

Mobile Marketing

Strengthen your presence in Social Media: Leading social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are accessed through phones by two-third of its total users. If you have a remarkable social media profile which is followed by lots of users, it's effortless to redirect them to your mobile optimized website. Hence, you should strengthen your social media presence for generating more leads through this mobile marketing strategy.

Engage your audience:You can get the attention of prospective customers by offering special messages along with the offered products or deals. Users are turned on by getting special offers with limited availability. For example, limiting the quantity by offering a special-edition watch to 10 items; or limiting-time by offering a watch at 60% discount to users who buy within 24 hours.

Mobile marketing is expected to be the next generation platform for promotion and sales. In fact, experts have the view that mobile marketing will increase by 40% in the next decade. Hence, if you want to gain advantage over your competitors and capture a distinguished spot in the industry, develop a mobile optimized website now!

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