Is Facebook Have An Impact On SEO?

Is Facebook Have An Impact On SEO? 

The question is does Facebook activity actually have an effect on search engine optimisation?

I believe the answer is yes and I am going to explain why and what it is you can do to ensure that the use of Facebook can help with your SEO in the future.

Although Facebook social signals don't actually have a direct impact on a Google ranking or directly make a profit, it is still a huge factor to why someone's rankings are so good. The network of Facebook has huge potential for SEO value, it;s just about giving it a chance!

A lot of SEO's agree that using Facebook to have an impact on SEO is worth it. This is because while posting on Facebook you can post links of your website which will direct users back to your site, this could lead in to potential sale's which means an increase in profit. Facebook is such an easy platform to use to build traffic on.

One main point which I believe about Facebook is that it can be used to contact and interact with customers and potential customers, this is also a form of how it can help towards generating sales. The more active you are on Facebook the more interested people are going to be about your profile/business page.

Another ideal part of using Facebook is the fact it is a social networking site, it doesn't have to be formal, you still need to make sure you stay professional because you are a business of course but you can post what you want, it can be fun and doesn't always have to be serious.

With business directories they are formal and professional, this is a platform for you to let the fun of your business out on to.

One major aspect which really sets Facebook apart in today's SEO world is Graph Search. Graph Search is the internal search engine Facebook launched in 2013 and is gradually growing.

There are some really easy things you can do within Facebook to create an impact on SEO and these are:

  1. Customise your Facebook URL
  2. Have your page name be your brand or company name, nothing else!
  3. Fill out all possible information on the page
  4. Use keywords from Google SEO playbook
  5. Connect your page to all your other online web presence
  6. Use Graph Search to research customers and competitors.

Overall, using Facebook to help with SEO is a super beneficial method. Yeah, it doesn't directly get you ranking 1st in Google but it is something that assists this and contributes towards it as Facebook can be the source that directs the traffic and links to your official website. 

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