Why Should I Use PhpFoX

Why Should I Use PhpFoX 

Social Networking has been around (online) for quite a few years now. It’s helped produce what some people consider to be Web 2.0, and I believe will help evolve into what some will consider Web 3.0 too.
We’ve seen a ton of articles float around about how the owners of Social Networking Websites went from $0 to Millions, overnight (and at least 1 went to Billions). So, how can “I” capitolize on the tail end of this craze?
Well, it’s not easy – or everyone would be doing it!
But, you COULD go out and hire a team of programmers to start building your Website from the ground up? It may cost thousands and thousands of dollars, but you may be able to pay it off in the end… then again, it may become entirely too expensive to do and you may lose money.
There’s always Investors to help pay for this project?
Yeah, good call… blow somebody else’s money and destroy your reputation all because you “had a hunch”.
There’s an easy solution, and one you should start out with, just to dip your toes into the water. Using a pre-built script such as phpFox can bring down the production costs by over 90% in the beginning. The script (phpFox) is very cost-friendly at around $300-$400 and it’s very easy to add-on, customize the look and feel, and even the functionality.
A few of the top Social Networking Scripts I’ve been to are actually using phpFox as their “backbone” (script). These sites have simply hired a professional programmer (or programming team, in a few instances) and have completely changed the look, feel and functionality so much so that you cannot tell that it was using a script such as phpFox.
You might find a few people – or have “heard” in the past, the bad things about phpFox. Look, there’s 2 sides of every story and these people are simply the wrong people to listen to. There’s too many people in this world that “hate” because they can’t “like” or “love”. They are the people who you want to NOT take advice or reviews from. They might have had a bad day and decided to take it out on anyone they could…
Now, don’t get me wrong, there are probably a few good, legitimate reasons why one may NOT need a script like this. So, if you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket and you can afford to create a script from the ground up – go for it… but I truly believe that phpFox is the best framework for building a professional Social Networking Website.
There’s a lot of unique functions on phpFox – but it’s easy to add more with the right programmer(s).

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