Marketing Your Marketing

Marketing Your Marketing

It’s a given these days that you’re involved with content marketing.
Every business should be online, regardless of your industry. Being online means you’re competing with potentially thousands of other companies for a slice of the action, which means you have to do something to make yourself heard.
SEO (search engine optimisation) is becoming more social these days, so it’s important you’re delivering high quality information to your audience through their favourite social media channels.
But what do you do once it’s “out there”?
Is it just a case of tweeting or Facebooking a link and leaving it at that? Or should you be working smarter?
Useful information builds trust, which in turn drives sales and shouting about what you’re doing through social media will help you get that information out to the people who matter.
If you’re doing it right you’ll see an increase in shares, likes, comments and traffic to your website.
You see, if your information is useful, relevant and valuable to your audience they will share it with their friends and colleagues. This will help push it out to a wider audience who will probably share it with their friends and colleagues too. This process continues until your content has reached thousands and thousands of people all over the world.
Now that’s what I call smart marketing.
You are leveraging the power of your audience to push your message out rather than trying to do it all by yourself.
That’s pretty cool.
So next time you create a video, podcast, article, blog, infographic or anything else to market your business, make sure it is:
  • Engaging
  • Relevant
  • Valuable to your reader
  • Useful
  • High quality
There is one caveat – it can’t be salesy.
Bear with me, all will become clear in a moment.
Your audience is bombarded by blatant sales messages every day. So many in fact that they no longer trust companies that indulge in the practice. After all, why should they buy from someone just because they’ve been asked to?
The company in question hasn’t bothered to offer them anything, give advice or tips and certainly hasn’t tried to get to know them.
If you want to stand out, offer your readers useful information; something that’s of value to your customer. Then they’ll see you as a generous company that just wants what’s best for its customers.
It’s the theory of reciprocity – if you openly give great advice, people are more likely to buy from you. It’s human nature.
So what are you waiting for?
Get writing and sharing and wait for the magic to happen.

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