I will learn you my friends some SEO for Google Traffic

I will learn you my friends some SEO for Google Traffic

Google TrafficSEO, for Google Traffic!Someone aiming to touch the skies as an entrepreneur should really know how to entice the audience through the product he/she has created. Content matters over everything but in the world of the internet, a well-etched out SEO strategy can make someone go miles ahead. SEO or Search Engine Optimization ensures better flow of Google traffic to your webpage and consequently places it higher in the ranks listed out during searches in Google.

But how should a SEO strategy be devised so that it ensures a constant flow of users through Google into your webpage? What extra tweaks are needed to reap the full benefits of SEO on Google? The answer to all these questions can be found by just a few down scrolls.

Google tools like Google Analytics and the Webmasters Tool can ensure free and targeted traffic on Google

It goes without saying that using the tools designed by Google can bring in more Google traffic from the search engine itself. After all, the master understands his tool the best!

The Google Webmasters Tools or Search Console, as it is called nowadays, identifies the right issues crawlers are facing on your webpage, and gives important insights about the its visibility on Google. Recent SEO enthusiasts, can also master the basics easily with it. Google Analytics, on the other hand, gives accurate diagrammatic representation of the trending topics on the internet and helps you develop marketing strategies on Android and iOS.

The Google Analytics draws in more Google traffic.

By focusing on long tail keywords and identifying the best keywords through Googles Keywords Tool

Long tail keywords are the more specific phrases that users are likely to search for during a specific purchase. They may not have the popularity of commonplace keywords but they can drive a targeted audience towards your webpage, hence a valuable part of a long-lasting and viable SEO strategy. It is also imperative that a marketer uses the keywords tool to pull out the keywords suited to your niche and then develops content around them.

By improving site speed

One of the more important factors while developing rankings is an improved site speed that draws in more traffic on Google. Actually, reports say that the amount of time required to load a webpage in the first place can have an important impact on the sites rankings on Google, thus optimizes a pages loading time which does not only attract better traffic but also enriches user experience.

By developing social connections through Google+

Google owns Google plus, so the SEO developers who use it as social platforms are the ones who make the most use of it. All of the shared links on Google+ are potential links which allows search engines to follow them straight to the respective websites. Statistically it has been seen that Google+ users who share good content on a regular basis rank high in the search lists.

Google plus

Few important Google+ tactics

As it is quite evident, Google directs traffic to those websites which make the best use of the technology it provides. It is a gross mistake to think that Google will access our websites all by itself on its search engines. A sites content must complement it. The more it complements, the better is the SEO strategy and the greater is the traffic diverted to it. Its all parts of the same cycle as you see.

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