I will learn you how to site Indexed Quickly

I will learn you how to site Indexed Quickly

When any one started any blog or website or forum pages they worry that Google will indexing their pages or not. But i am focusing on Google because Now Google is one of the best Search provider. Many bloggers also many times after posting her post they can’t find her post in Google search engine. Many blog writers also the not finding her articles in Google search due to this cause they stop writing in her blog. The websites those are newly started they are purchasing backlinks for quick indexing from Google this is not a good decisions. If you following my some steps your page can index in 1 second. Now start learn how to get site indexed quickly. By following the below steps Google will index your blog/website in 1 second.

My site Indexing in 1 second

The My Blogger Blog is very quickly i mean only 1 second indexing by Google search engine. I am completely following the below steps to getting the result. Follow my below 5 steps to get Google will index your Blog/website in 1 second.

1. Increase content

Are you writing one article in your blog or website and expecting Google get indexed by search engine you are wrong. The Google search engine crawl that sites those are regularly update. If you are posting 6-10 articles a day on your new blog or website then more chances searching indexing very quickly.So update often and let bots crawl your site at regular intervals.

2. RSS Feeds

The Blog or website feed is many ways to get indexed quickly. You need one thing that you submit your RSS feed to RSS directories. Many directories submit means more chances your blog/website index quickly.

Here is some RSS directories you can submit your feed.


You can also manually ping your blog using pingomatic.com and pingoat.com.

Note: You don’t have to submit to all RSS directories and ping sites. But you can at least use feedest & feedage to ping your sites.

3. Social Bookmarking services

The Social bookmarking services are the best chances to quick indexing your pages. Their are many social book marking sites you can use services like:

For registering the above bookmarking sites taking some time. So you can setup your account as time permitted.

If you can’t working the above bookmarking sites then i recommended at least use these sites for bookmarking your blog/website:


4. Socialize for an hour

If you are any member of any website forum then you can use your blog link in profile signature. This work will increase chances of getting Blog/website indexed fast. Make practice this type forum signature and get huge traffic, this will better for getting search engine page rank on Google.

Commenting in other blogs those are already getting the good search engine page rank, you have more chances to getting quick index your Blog/website pages.

5. Arrows for your site

Their are many sites like Blogger.com sign up to short blogging sites:


Creates a blog post related topic for your Blog/website and make a link your new blog in this post. The short post working as a arrow for your new Blog/website. This increase your chances of getting quick index and getting high rank.

If you followed my above steps i am sure that the search engines are quickly indexing your pages. The Google will start indexing your pages in 1 second but other search engines are taking 2-6 hour for indexing your pages. If you not interested the applying the above steps then you can apply an below step but it will time taking but you will get indexed quickly.

Write 4-5 Blog Posts.
Ping using Pingler.com

If you done the work then check your site log after 5 hours to see search engines are crawl your site. You can also check the search engine manually if they have indexed or not.

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