I will learn you How to Setting up Blogger Custom Domain on Name.Com

I will learn you How to Setting up Blogger Custom Domain on Name.Com

If you are not sure what a custom domain is, then first read this article about Blogger Custom Domains and come back . There are different domain name providers like Name.com, Godaddy etc. In case you have opted to use Name.com as the domain name provider, you can follow this tutorial to map your blogger blog to a domain which you bought from Name.com. The tutorial will explain how you can buy a new domain on Name.com and then point to your Blogger blog. In case you already own a domain name with name.com, then you can map it to one of your Blogger blogs.

How to buy the Domain Name?

Name.Com will allow you to buy domains with different extensions like .COM, .NET, .ORG etc .
1. First of all Goto Name.Com and you will find a Search Box there. This search box can be used to check if the domain name is available or not. For example if i need the domain mynewcustomdomain.com , then i will search for mynewcustomdomain
2.Name will show the available domain name extensions.Select the one you want.

3.Click the Checkout Button and on the next screen opt to create an account(if you don’t have one. if you have one , then login with that account)

4.Now finish the payment process(using credit card or paypal) and you will be having the domain under your name.com account

How to Setup the Blogger Custom Domain?

1.If you are logged in at your name.com account, then click  the Account > my Domains

2. Now you will be taken to a page listing all your domains. Click on the domain name which you want to use for your blogger blog and then click on DNS Records on the left side menu

3. On the right side pane, add a new CNAME record as shown below and click on the Add Recordbutton

4.Now add an A record as shown below and click on the Add Record button

Create 3 More A records with following set of values
A , (leave the second field blank), ,300 
A , (leave the second field blank), ,300 
A,  (leave the second field blank) , ,300 

6. Now we are done setting up the CNAME and A Records

Adding the Custom domain at Blogger.com

1.Login to your Blogger Dashboard and Navigate to Settings > Basic and click on the Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog link

2.Provide your Custom Domain URL and click the Save Button

When you click save, you might get an error like the one shown below

This means that Blogger wants us to create another CNAME record on Name.com to verify that you are the owner of the domain. The values for Host and Answer should match what’s shown on the Blogger error. An example based on the above error is shown below.

Click Finish and Save Changes once again
3. Now Click on the Edit Link Once again

Now select the redirection Option and save the settings Once again
4. Now your blog should be visible at your new domain. The changes can take up to 3 days to take effect (This is because your ISP’s DNS Server has to get the new updated information about the domain records.)

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