How to Use the HTML BOLD Tag With Your Keyword Or Keyword Phrase – SEO Tactics

How to Use the HTML BOLD Tag With Your Keyword Or Keyword Phrase – SEO Tactics

So let me be BOLD now. If you are new to web development then you will discover there is a brilliant way to add value to words and that is the B tag or bold tag. In the overall plan of things, this is a extremely basic tag and very low level in terms of additional uses. But the power of adding focus to a word is not only in its power but there are other tags that can accomplish the same effect and might be meant as a bit more effective.
In fact, these additional tags are FONT and STRONG. Do not fall into this trap.
This trap relates to an presupposition. That assumption is trusting that icon that can be located on most toolbars in Microsoft FrontPage and XSite Pro, you are aware of the one that looks like a capital “B”. Most of the time this means BOLD and within an application like Microsoft Word it does.
But since, we are talking about HTML, so let us center on this fact. The “B” is not what it looks like it to be. For example, in Microsoft frontpage the “B” icon works exactly as you would think. I would add b and /b tags around the text that I want bolded.
However, XSite Pro places the tags strong and /strong around the text you want bolded. It still yields the same result visually but from within html source it is very unique from the b tag. And here is the booby trap. A Search Engine will not add any weight to your Keywords if it is encapsulated by this strong tag; at least I have not heard they would.
So to be sure you need to know how your WYSIWYG application processes your bolded text when you make use of that button; do not just suspect. This is when it is very advantageous to know Html programming.
Also, the warnings I expressed in my first articles also stand here. Do not bold too much; even this can be thought of as being spam.
Stay tuned for all of my examples and I will show in a particular manner how I came from the boundlessness of the Internet to the Top ten for my Key Phrase. You may also look on my website where my examples here include images to try to explain the alterations that I have performed.

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