3 Proven Techniques For Good Bing Search Engines Rankings

3 Proven Techniques For Good Bing Search Engines Rankings

Working as a Search Engine Optimizer for several years, I am excited to share some of my latest findings regarding optimization for Bing Search Engines. I have tested and derived three techniques that will help your website to rank a lot better in Bing. I have personally utilized these methods and have gained more than 20% traffic without additional advertising. I feel that everyone should know these and have listed the techniques according to their importance for your reference.
The first important technique is to create a Bing Webmaster account, Go ahead and search for Bing Webmaster account in the search engines and you will find the sign up page for you to create an account. This is very important because there are many useful tools you can find inside the account. After creating an account with Bing webmaster, you must verify your site and submit a sitemap so that Bing can index your site fully.
Do not underestimate the power of the above step. I have experienced an increase of ranking just by doing this alone. Besides uploading a sitemap, one of the useful tools in the account is the Keyword Tool. This Keyword Tool allows you to enter a search term then Bing returns you how your web pages perform with an interesting indicator, Page Score. This indicator is extremely useful because it allows you to see how Bing ranks all your pages according to your keywords input. I have tweaked some of my pages based on the output from this tool and achieved first page ranking for competitive keywords and you can’t believe it is so easy!
The second technique is to concentrate and attract a few relevant high quality inbound links. Do not bother to build many average inbound links for your site as Bing will not factor them in as what Google does. The key here is relevancy. One link from a relevant high Page Score page linking to your page is what you need to get your site up in first page (if you do not have strong competitors). When linking, make sure you use relevant anchor text for your links so that Bing can allocate high relevancy to your page.
The third technique relates to the age of your domain name. If you are building on a new site for a competitive niche, I would suggest you to get yourself an aged domain name as Bing will allocate you a high relevancy for your keywords. Domain names that contains your targeting keywords work particularly well for Bing. The domain name extension, however, does not matter that much. You can have a.net or even.info domain name outranks a.com name.
Although there are other factors affecting Bing ranking algorithm, the above three techniques are the most important considerations based on my experience and testing for the last few months. I hope that you can implement them and start to see results soon!

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