New Collaborative Tools Launched By Pinterest

New Collaborative Tools Launched By PinterestPinterest now plans to divulge in the art of connecting people in a relatively familiar but fresh feature by which the users will have the facility of planning events with family and friends. On Wednesday, it launched the latest collaboration tools which will make planning projects and events easier using this platform, as per the company’s blog. On group boards, it will be more convenient to converse with other members with this recent activity feed feature.

If you have a Facebook account, it will not be something unfamiliar as it works similar to the facebook feed. You can follow about what’s new with your friend’s Pin, stay aware of when a new member joins, comment or like their Pin, also, if someone gets mentioned in your comment. Your conversations, however, are only available for the board group to look at.

While attempting a redesigning earlier this year, Pinterest introduced some new features. These features include saving Pins more e…

Twitter's New Update Lets You Dock the Video As You Scroll Through The Timeline

Twitter's New Update Lets You Dock the Video As You Scroll Through The TimelineAs the life gets busier, multitasking seems like a norm and anything lesser makes you feel hampered and stuck. Finding an excellent solution, Twitter has introduced a new update that focuses on docking a video while you browse through your time-line. Watching a video does not mean that it’s the only thing you can do while you wait for it to end.

This feature is fairly simple and easy to use, you just have to tap on the dock option available at the top right of the play window in full screen, which is now present in the new version for android users. The full screen will minimize and you can enjoy the video along with the scroll through your time-line. The screen can be moved wherever you see it fit, and when you want to stop it, just swipe it away.

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Influencer Marketing Survey: How Do Influencers Generate Their Revenue

Influencer Marketing Survey: How Do Influencers Generate Their RevenueIt’s a well-known fact that the influencer marketing has been on a rise for the past few years in general and the social media market does not fall behind on this trend either. As the world of social media rose to its current state, people started using it more often as a medium to promote their brands and products.

"A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message" in the words of Mark Zuckerberg.

However, influencer marketing is a relatively new concept in digital marketing and its regulation, monitoring and revenue are often questioned since it’s not absolutely clear as to how the influencers make their money via social media and whether they should be at all.

Influencer marketing has developed into a full-time career for some, so its only natural that they would monetize and strategize to generate sufficient earnings through it. So the question arises, how do they make money?

It’s …

Evolution of Office Spaces - #infographic

Evolution of Office Spaces - #infographicAs the human race evolved over the past few decades, the office spaces also began to evolve. People began to slowly revolutionize their work spaces, according to their needs and technological advancements which were made alongside. Today's working state is also not permanent. It is bound to evolve too.

Starting from the 1950s, when the concept of personal cabins did not exist to the limited colours allowed in office, those times seemed to be very tough. Through the ages, the working hours decreased gradually, and the working areas became more personalized and comfortable, and are projected to become more home-centered in the future. However, the thing that has been prevalent throughout, is the gender disparity in the workforce. As of today, women still do not make 50% of the total working population, and are continued to be paid unequally for the same amount of work done.
This infographic timeline allows us to see how we have transformed as p…

Google is About To Start Filtering Your Spam Calls For You

Google is About To Start Filtering Your Spam Calls For YouGoogle goes one step ahead and now the new update allows Google to filter spam calls before they get a chance to make their way to your notifications or your mobile device even. This new initiative by Google will help you stay safe from the constant nagging of unknown and unwanted calls, especially from spambots, that make their way to your device without your permission.

This feature will let Google to automatically fish out spam calls and send them to the voicemail without even notifying you. Your mobile phone will not ring, there will be no missed call notification after the call has been weeded out.

If it’s a voicemail that has been left by the spam caller, they will still be left in your voicemail inbox. However, you will not get notified of the voicemail. “You’ll still see filtered calls in your call history and be able to check any voicemail that you receive.” says the Google help page.

The most important aspect of this fea…

Efficient Photoshop Versions for iPads Soon to be Launched!

Efficient Photoshop Versions for iPads Soon to be Launched!Good news for iPad users: Photoshop versions compatible to their devices are soon to be launched!

Bloomberg revealed in a report that the Photoshop management wants to make the top-notch application available to users away from their desktops. This is primarily because, as Belsey, chief product officer of the company, reported, people often complained of not having access to this wonderful editing tool, while being away from their homes/workplaces, and therefore computers. He added that bringing all the "sophisticated" tools of the application, into a "modern device like iPad" required much effort.

Currently, there are working models of Adobe Photoshop available for iPad users. The versions, Lightroom and Photoshop Express, however fail to provide the features Photoshop is so famous for. Thus rises the need to make revisions.

As to when this application will be made available to users is not known yet. However…

How To Develop A Competent Content Strategy - #infographic

How To Develop A Competent Content Strategy - #infographicIn this day and age where getting content over the Internet isn't a big deal, the quality of your content matters more than its quantity. To make your blog a success, you need to put up an elaborated strategy for its content. Make sure that you know your audience well, that is the first step in forming a strategy.

A proper regime results in a content that’s beneficial to the target audience and serves its purpose. If your strategy does not involve your audience’s interest to the fullest, your forum might plummet to failure faster than you could save it.

Read the infographic below to get a better perspective on how to develop a competent content strategy:

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