Twitter Announces Major Updates for Content Discovery and Real-Time Alerts

Twitter Announces Major Updates for Content Discovery and Real-Time AlertsTwitter has announced a range of new updates aimed at uncovering individually relevant, happening discussions, and highlighting them to each user. The changes mostly focus around the expansion of Explore, with several of Twitter’s past experiments with discovery tools now coming to light. And they could be significant – here’s what’s been announced, and what each element means for the broader Twitter experience. Advanced ExplorationFirst off, on Explore specifically – Twitter is adding new topic tabs to your Explore page, in addition to the filters by content type. “We’re now experimenting with topic tabs in Explore so it’s easier to see what’s happening in news and entertainment, and what’s most relevant to you. Available in the coming months to everyone in the US on iOS and Android.” The topic tabs will highlight trending discussions, similar to Trending Topics, and it’ll be interesting to see what, exactly, the n…

15 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

15 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success [INFOGRAPHIC]As social network penetration is ever increasing, it’s essential that marketing teams are planning and implementing their social media strategies. As of 2018, there are over 2.6 billion social network users worldwide; in 2010 there were just over 900 million.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool, when done correctly, can produce overwhelming results. Ensuring that you have enough time and dedication to apply to your strategy is essential. All it takes is a little planning and guidance to get you on the road to success.

The team at Top10WebsiteHosting has put together 15 steps to social media marketing success so that you can rock your strategy and become the powerhouse you deserve!

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How Engagement With Social Media is Changing - #infographic

How Engagement With Social Media is Changing - #infographicOver the last two years, figures for sharing opinions, details of day-to-day life, and photos have held fairly steady. However, this can hide other trends.

Sharing visual content has taken on a new relevance thanks largely to the strong growth of photo-focused platforms like Instagram.

The percentage of internet users visiting Instagram, for example, has risen by 22 percentage-points in the last two years. Short-form visual updates – still mostly limited to Snapchat in 2015 – are now a fixture of Instagram and Facebook with Stories, and WhatsApp with Statuses.

But alongside this, there has been a rise in more “purposeful” social activities – looking for entertainment, work contacts, or products to buy.

So while sharing may not be the dominant activity on social, social networks fulfill different use cases.

This has been propelled by the growth of multi-networking, as different networks come to serve different purposes, with the ave…

14 Free Stock Photography Websites for Personal and Commercial Use [Infographic]

14 Free Stock Photography Websites for Personal and Commercial Use [Infographic]Hi for you all and have a nice day :) Are you looking for copyright-free stock images to use in your blogs and social media updates?

Here are 14 websites that offer free stock photos for commercial use.
Infographic courtesy of Red Website Design.

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The Biggest WordPress Headaches of 2018 - #infographic

The Biggest WordPress Headaches of 2018 - #infographicThe team at Pagely surveyed a variety of WordPress users about the biggest challenges they face and the problems go far beyond managing their content and designing their presence on the web.

Respondents said their biggest issues were performance Issues (52%), security issues (41%), and site-breaking updates (35%).

Learn what the biggest WordPress headaches of 2018 are in the following infographic.

H/T: Infographicjournal.
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Did you know Twitter Opens Up its In-Stream Video Ads to All Advertisers Globally

Did you know Twitter Opens Up its In-Stream Video Ads to All Advertisers GloballyTwitter has announced that it's making its in-stream, pre-roll video ads available to all advertisers globally, including those using the platform’s self-serve ads platform. As explained by Twitter: “In-Stream Video Ads allow marketers to connect with their audience through pre-roll ads that kick off the videos people love. In the United States, we’ve partnered with more than 200 of the best video publishers in the world, including top TV networks, teams from major sports leagues, and professional news outlets like Business Insider, CNN, Condé Nast Entertainment, Fox News, Fox Sports, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, IGN, Meredith Corporation, and Reuters. Every day, they’re sharing brand-safe videos that your audience is eager to discover. From catching must-see sports highlights to watching clips of top TV shows, people on Twitter love that they can watch what’s happening.” Note the ‘brand-safe’ mention…

Facebook Launches New Initiative to Weed Out Questionable Traders

Facebook Launches New Initiative to Weed Out Questionable TradersFacebook is taking steps to limit, or even remove, questionable traders from its platform with a new initiative that will enable users to rate businesses based on their experiences. As explained by Facebook: “We’ve spoken with people who have purchased things from Facebook advertisers, and the two biggest frustrations we’ve heard are that people don’t like ads that quote inaccurate shipping times or that misrepresent products. We’re taking steps to try and identify these and other common frustrations with a new tool launching globally today. It is designed to let people review businesses that they’ve made a purchase from with the hope of connecting more people with businesses that meet their expectations.” Here’s how it works: Now, after you’ve clicked on a Facebook ad, you’ll be able to provide feedback about that business via your Ads Activity tab. Users will also be prompted to provide feedback when they’ve clicked throug…