Intel RealSense D415, D435 Depth Cameras Launched

Intel has launched two new D400-series 3D RealSense cameras. The D415 and D435 cameras were unveiled at CES 2018. Intel says the cameras can add 3D capabilities to any device. They come with a USB-powered form factor and can process complex depth data in real time because of a D400 depth module, a turnkey optical […]

Hasselblad Announces 400-Megapixel H6D-400c Multi-Shot Medium Format Camera

Hasselblad has announced a 400-megapixel medium format camera capable of capturing images sized at 2.4GB. The H6D-400C MS comes with sensor-shift and multi-shot features. As expected, the medium format camera doesn’t come cheap as you will be shelling out $47,995 (roughly Rs. 30,64,200) for it. The pre-orders for the Hasselblad H6D-400c camera started on January […]